New Year’s Resolutions. It’s that time of year again. Below I’ve accumulated some resources that give interesting tips on how to think about them, along with my own thoughts.

In this series, I will use the words goals and resolutions interchangeably.

My Thoughts

The links above explain it better than I have here. Your best bet is to go through them. Below is just my rambling. Each link takes you to a more detailed description.

Split your life (and not just the year) into a number of categories (health, career, relationships, intellectual, etc).

Derive your goals from these. Ensure you’re not neglecting any life category that is important to you. Really ask yourself if you’re not putting too much on your plate - use the Personal Success Wheel to keep you accountable.

Are your goals too vague? Are they free floating?

Do you know why you want to achieve a certain goal? Are you being honest with yourself about it?

Make a Do Not Do List.

Understand and utilize the power of retrospectives.

Adapt and adjust your plan.

Don’t worry that the new year has already begun. Planning 11 months well is better than spending 12 unplanned months.

[1]This is a condensed version of the one that appears in his book.